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KFC + People MAGAZINE'S 'sexiest man alive'



Reinstating the Colonel as the face of KFC over the years has proven to be a business success. Beyond TV spots, the brand has also come out with a number of off-the-wall stunts and products in hopes of keeping the brand top of mind. How can we continue surprising our fans in a way the feels fresh and new? By having the Colonel appear in unexpected places, in unexpected ways.

The majority of KFC advertising is comprised of traditional TV and digital media. Print is a broad category, mostly untouched by the brand over the years. Knowing splashy, unexpected stunts have helped keep the brand in the news (which have garnered better sales), we saw a partnership with People Magazine as the perfect opportunity to continue showcasing Colonel Sanders in an unexpected way. In addition, People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue is the publication’s biggest audience of the year, targeting a predominantly female demographic that is an important consumer target for the brand. 

Our strategy centered around celebrating the Colonel as the Original Chicken Salesman, and there is no better way than using original Harland Sanders photography for the faux cover. The “World’s Sexiest Chicken Salesman” is a two-page spread in People Magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, located on the inside cover and page one. Selecting one of the most iconic photos of Colonel out of his trademark white suit, this original black & white image was colorized to see the Harland Sanders in all his modern day, full color glory. Inserting the brand’s usual humor and flair, if the Colonel is the sexiest man, then what is the sexiest food? Original Recipe, deserving its own shout out too.

Media Publisher: People

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