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Living out a childhood dream, I was casted to play pre-teen Niyah in Adler Planetarium's new animated sky show Niyah and the Multiverse, an imaginative and visually stunning journey illuminating the intricate connections between the past, futures, and present -- all through the lens of Afrofuturism.  This 30-minute original sky show plays daily at Chicago's Adler Planetarium in their Grainger Sky Theater. 

Like what you hear and see? 

I'm open for representation! 

Let's connect ☺️

Adler President and CEO Dr. Michelle Larson with show creators including writers, scientis

Adler President and CEO Dr. Michelle Larson, myself, lead scientist Dr. Geza Gyuk, show creators & writers Ytasha L. Womack and Taylor Witten, music composer, voice actor Lisa Beasley.

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