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Boursin + Brit+Co



To help position Boursin as a wow-worthy simplifier elevating any event, we partnered with women’s lifestyle and entertaining platform Brit+Co to create the ultimate Pinterest-worthy party guide to elevate springtime fêtes. From food to decor, this guide helped our Epicurious Enthusiast entertainer explore wow-worthy solutions made easy for the modern woman-on-the-go. Leveraging the brand’s Pinterest success and Brit+Co’s expertise, we developed unique creative content and online class offerings to build a one-of-a-kind 360° program for Boursin. 


Campaign Drove:16% lift in aided awareness and 15% in unaided awareness. 14% key message association lift of Boursin being viewed as ‘a brand likely to wow guests at a party.’ 18% lift in Opinion and 17% lift in Purchase Intent. Custom content destination surpassed Page View benchmark by 138% and outperformed engagement benchmark by more than 3X. The Custom Online Class Drove: 55% higher class enrollments with users watching 83% of the video. 30% lift in Unaided Awareness and Aided Awareness.

Publisher Partner: Brit + Co

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