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New York life + great big story



Having a baby is one of the key life stages when people consider purchasing life insurance. While parents know they need life insurance, they delay the process for multiple reasons. Dads in particular carry an additional layer of anxiety as a key familial point involved in providing crucial emotional and financial support for their family. The strategy we developed was to show, through content, how dads are taking active roles in planning for their child’s future. Through these smart, attainable steps - inspire dads to seek out life insurance options with New York Life for their family.


Working with Great Big Story, we found Dad’s Adventure Boot Camp – a unique father-to-father, community-based workshop that inspires and equips men of different economic levels, ages and cultures to become confidently engaged with their infants, support their mates and personally navigate their transformation into dads. Through our 4-minute piece, we showcased the workshop and the dads who spoke candidly to their own lighthearted firsts, fears and ultimate goals for family preparedness, drawing a narrative parallel to New York Life and their commitment to helping people plan for the future.


The results were very positive, delivering 1.59MM views by the end of the flight. With 550k completed views, the piece surpassed Great Big Story’s average YouTube completion rate by 60% and average watch time by 60-seconds. Engagement was observed throughout the flight and showed a 92% positive emotional rate. Through a custom brand lift study, the content garnered a 16% lift in Brand Favorability and 13% lift in Purchase Intent. 81% of brand study respondents displayed correct brand recall, ranking NYL’s branded video above average in terms of its likeability, likelihood to watch again, and likelihood to share the video.

Network: Turner | Great Big Story

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