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novo nordisk | ozempic + the dr. oz show



In partnership with the 10-time Emmy award winning show, The Dr. Oz Show, we developed a first-to-market branded black-box drug integrated segment to drive awareness and brand relevancy for Ozempic®, an injectable non-insulin medicine for adults with type 2 diabetes. Featuring actor & comedian Billy Gardell, this 9-minute in-show integration discussed Billy’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis and the positive impact that Ozempic® and diabetes management program My Type 2 Transformation (MT2T)  has had on his life.


As an additional entertaining and educational element to the segment, celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince armed the audience with tools and resources to better manage living with type 2 diabetes. As an extension to the linear integration, wealso partnered with health and wellness digital platform Sharecare to further reach the T2D target and drive My Type 2 Transformation registrations and doctor discussions for Ozempic®.


Won a DTC National Gold award for Best Established Brand Digital/Social Media Campaign.   

Network Partner: Sony | The Dr. Oz Show

Publisher PartnerSharecare

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